What to look forward to this year at Long Ball Stats

We have entered year two at Long Ball Stats, and I am making some new changes.

  1. New Data: I’m adding several new categories to this year’s spreadsheet. I’ll be tracking pitch speeds, home runs by inning, as well as career milestones.
  2. All Star and Postseason Home Runs: Beginning this year, I’ll be inputting data on home runs hit during the postseason and the All Star Game. Be sure to look for special coverage just before the ASG and the postseason begins.
  3. Weekly and Monthly updates: On top of any posts that are made throughout the week, I will be posting weekly recap/update posts on home runs hit, and I will post an update once a month that includes my full spreadsheet of data.

Hopefully this year will be even better than last year! If you ever want to know a specific fact (Who has hit the most home runs on 2-2 count this year?, Who has hit the most walk off home runs?), send me a tweet at @longballstats

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